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Recent years have seen Austria – and in particular Vienna – evolve from an entrepreneurial desert to a promising home for young startups. [...]


Belgium is home to a vibrant, active and fast growing startup scene. Startup Weekends, Hackathlons, Café Numériques, Meetups, Open Coffees and [...]


The startup ecosystem in Bulgaria has emerged recently and is evolving significantly. Thanks to coworking spaces such as Betahaus, SOHO and [...]


The newest EU member state is catching up. The startup scene in Croatia was already dynamic and well developed before the accession to the [...]


The government of Cyprus has implemented some policy initiatives in line with the Startup Manifesto recommendations, with the pro-active support [...]

Czech Republic

Startups play an important role in the Czech economy, where they are known to quickly innovate, find market gaps and create new jobs. The Czech [...]


Denmark has produced some of the hottest tech startups on the planet. The capital, Copenhagen, is vibrant. Many exciting programmes have been [...]


Estonia has highly developed e-government and a business-friendly environment. The country has made progress in promoting entrepreneurship and [...]


Just a few years ago, the Finnish startup ecosystem was relatively small and inward-looking. Now it is drawing in the brightest high-tech minds [...]


A buoyant legislative movement around tech entrepreneurship started in France a few years ago, engaging a vibrant and energetic community of [...]


Germany’s thriving startup scene is one of the most unique in Europe. The capital Berlin is home to a mixture of tech entrepreneurs, digital [...]


As the authors of the Greek Startup Manifesto – the first national startup manifesto – put it, the Greek economy has experienced an [...]


Hungary’s capital Budapest is one of the most attractive metropolitan cities in Europe, and it also has a young, blossoming startup scene. [...]


Ireland, whose growing economy has had the highest growth rate in the eurozone in recent quarters, has been generating a lot of buzz in the [...]


Since 2012, Italy – the second manufacturing country in the European Union and the fifth in the world – has endowed itself with a powerful [...]


A former Soviet republic, this Baltic state is an otherwise dynamic and vibrant economy whose growth has been fuelled by foreign direct [...]


When it comes to startups, this tiny country of three million is starting to make a name for itself. There are more than 100 annual events, [...]


The startup community in Luxembourg is wide, dynamic and international. The country boasts a stable business environment and political system as [...]


Malta is a stable eurozone economy, offering a safe business environment, friendly taxation and good business ownership regulation. For startup [...]


The Netherlands is a relatively small country with a relatively large entrepreneurial impact. It all happens in 10+ leading innovation hubs that [...]


Entrepreneurship has deep roots in Poland, and has helped the country achieve a level of independence and relative strength over the years. [...]


After several years of economic hardship, Portugal is witnessing a real entrepreneurial boom, as more young people are choosing to start their [...]


Romania’s troubled past and extremes of economic hardship have given rise to an enforced entrepreneurial culture of self-sufficiency and [...]


Slovaks are natural problem solvers, and the forefathers of the Slovak tech scene started to work on their first business ventures not long [...]


Startup companies and the high-tech industry in Slovenia are growing and expanding. Unfortunately, it still happens on a small scale, and the [...]


Some 89% of employment in Spain is generated by companies with 20 employees – or less. And yet, the Spanish startup ecosystem lacks connection [...]


Sweden is one of the most competitive economies in the world with a strong business environment and an efficient public administration. The [...]

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is an advanced, high-income market economy. The services sector dominates the UK economy, contributing up to 80% of its gross [...]